Last Saturday, took place the Spelling Bee Contest 2012 for students of elementary and junior high  in Nogales, Sonora.

Like every year, last week we had the participation of one student from each grade from 1st to 9th grade representing our school. First of all we want to congratulate Ana Fernanda Melendez for recieving a special award for having participated during all her three years of Junior High.

Students who participated this year were:  1st grade: Rebeca Iruretagoyena,  2nd grade: Mariana Paez, 3rd Grade: Maria Renee Tellez, 4th Grade: Irene del Henar, 5th Grade: Rebeca Astiazarán, 6th Grade: Michelle Gerhard,  7th Grade: Ana Lorenia Astiazarán, 8th Grade: Raquel Nícola and 9th Grade: Ana Fernanda Melendez.

The contest consisted of an oral and written dictation. In the written dictation we had 8 first places, one 2nd place and in the oral dictation we had 6 first places. We are very proud and happy with the results obtained by our students. Congratulations to all of them, as well to their parents and teachers for their great effort!

Author: Bannia Sofía Burrola Trewartha, Language Department.